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Welcome To Cycling..."The Most Fun A Person Can Have Sitting Down!"

Cycling has been this way for me for many years and it can be for you too!

Through out the many years of riding, there have been blunders made, wounds healed and what seems like endless flats fixed.

Not to mention figuring out what...
  • works
  • cushions the bum
  • a good bike looks/feels like
Along with the good, the bad has poked its head in a few...no make that several times!

Now you get to be the recipient of wisdom gleaned from an advanced degree from the 'School of Hard Knocks'!

This will be the beginning of lessons learned and a few tidbits to get you started.

Cycling Clothes, Need Or Luxury?

The cycling cowboy would definitely say "padded, stretchy clothes are a luxury!"

After all he likes to walk bow-legged, at least until the callouses are well established.

For the rest of us who do not enjoy the soreness and sitting discomfort... these clothes are a definite Need!

The better the padding the happier you will be!

Price usually dictates the quality of the pad in the riding shorts.

The pad or chamois is what differentiates the low quality short from the high quality short!

High quality shorts last longer and reduce or eliminate saddle soreness!!

However, for a beginner, a mid-range pair is a good starting point.

A mid-priced pair of shorts will cost from $50-$100. Of course a good sale moves the price range down about $25 or more on the high end.

Jerseys, on the other hand, are rather similar in how they are made.

*** Side Note ***
Even though the majority of jerseys are made out of polyester or some combination of polyester. There are companies coming out with sustainable fabric jerseys and bottoms. This means they are eco-friendly clothing!!
*** End of Side Note ***

The biggest difference between jerseys, no matter the manufacturer, is the fit.

Cycling Jerseys come in the following two cuts:
  • Pro or Form fit (form fitting in about all areas)
  • Semi-form fit (looser fit especially in stomach region) 
Jerseys range in cost from about $45-$225! This range covers short and long sleeve jerseys!

Now it is on to...


Bikes, Bikes And More Bikes, Where To Start?

Unless you like to wear expensive spandex and polyester, unless you buy a bike too, you do not need the clothes.

Of course the opposite is true also, at least for the bikes talked about here.

Since you are new to this relished sport. There are two main categories of bikes to know about at this point.

First there is the entry-level bike...it can also be the only bike you get!

Second is the mid-level bike, or anything above/after your entry-level bike.

Getting the ideal entry-level road bike is easy when you know what to look for.

Life after your entry-level road bike is only limited by your ability to purchase!

You can go as far as getting a custom road bike made for you alone.

To get the most out of your custom bike it is best to have at least some knowledge of what you like/dislike in a bike first.

Otherwise you can pay a lot of money for something you longingly admire from a distance, while it hangs/sits around.

There is far too much information about bikes to scratch the surface in an introduction page!!

Did You Find Out What You Were Looking For?

To help you be as enthused and excited about cycling as I am...

You can find answers to all of your questions related to road bikes and much more!

There is no need to leave without learning something you did not know before coming!

Check it out!

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You will also find out any new developments such as clothes, rides or general musings about the greatest sport on two wheels!

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