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Best Mid Level Cycling Road Bikes - What Are The Options?

Best mid level cycling road bikes are easier to come by than you might think.

You are looking to lighten your bike since you are looking at a mid level or beyond bike.

Are you going to purchase a new road bike from your local bike shop?

What is your budget for your next bike?

Would you like to build a bike yourself? This can be a very rewarding and fulfilling option!

Where to Begin?

Once you have decided you want to build your own bike or buy it and what your budget is than you are ready to begin.

Do you really need a new bike or can you upgrade parts of the one you have to make it lighter?

The ultimate objective of a mid-level bike is to get a lighter bike.

If you got a 10-rear gear bike for your entry level bike than you have more options to work with.

If you have to upgrade to a 10-gear component group you might also have to get a different frame. (consult a competent bike mechanic if you fit into this category)

With a 10-gear component group, you can upgrade in stages or all at once. Depending on your budget of course.

A few simple things you can do to lighten your ride, for a lower out of pocket expense, are to get:
  • a better component group (Dura Ace, Campy)
  • lighter wheels
  • lighter handle bars
These suggestions are assuming you are keeping your present frame.

You will be amazed on how easy and relatively inexpensive getting some of the best mid level cycling road bikes can be!

How Light are Your Wheels?

Your wheels in particular can be costly, yet they do not have to be.

Do you want them to be made specifically for you? HED wheels is a good choice for custom built wheels.

Shedding a pound or two, in wheel weight, will not cost you as much as if you wanted to shed more.

Your lighter wheels are within the realm of possibility if you are on a limited budget.

You will also notice the weight reduction as well.

It is amazing how much a pound or two can make in your cycling road bike weight.

Getting the best mid level cycling road bikes is easier than you thought.

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