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Best Road Bike Tires - Tips For Getting What You Need

The best road bike tires!

There are as many varieties of tires as there are bikes.

There are tires for the front, back, wet/dry, winter conditions and the tire who wants to do it all.

So to say “this tire is the best” might not be in your best interests. Each of us rides in different conditions.

Wet weather rides should use a slightly wider tire for better handling and cornering.

Some of us live where it rains frequently. Others of us live where the sun is rarely hidden.

There are still others who ride in rougher conditions and need kevlar reinforced tires.

This reinforcement helps prevent those dreaded flats!

Since all circumstances are different, to say one is the best is not practical.

It is up to you to decide what is best for your circumstances.

A word of caution, skimping on tires is not a good idea! The best road bike tires are a very important part of the bike.

Who Manufactures These Tires?

Here is a list of the major brands:
Michelin has some outstanding cycling tires to choose from.

The Pro Racer 2 is a good all around tire. It works well in wet and dry conditions.

Continental tires to work well in dry conditions.

The Grand Prix provides a nice ride in dry conditions. Not the best in wet conditions though.

Best Road Bike Tires

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Vittoria also has some outstanding tires.

The Open Corsa is a very good all around tire.

It has hard rubber in the center and softer rubber on the sides.

The softer side rubber is for improved cornering.

The newest Hutchinson’s tire is a tubeless one. It is called the Fusion2.

Like the Vittoria, it has hard center rubber and soft side rubber.

The Fusion2 works well in wet and dry road conditions.

You do have to get use to how a tubeless tire works. It is a bit different than the tubed bicycle tire.

The tires just mentioned are primarily for training and everyday riding.
What About Racing Tires?

Racing tires are different creatures all together.

Racing tires come in different sizes, meaning width, for the front and back.

The front is narrower, lighter and has softer/stickier rubber for better cornering.

The rear tire has harder rubber for better rolling resistance.

You can find a great set of racing tires from Continental.

Their Attack/Force racing set is a hard combo to beat.

Having a set of tires for racing and a set for training is not a bad idea.

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