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Bicycle Child Carriers

Bicycle child carriers are made for you and your child to both enjoy the outdoors.

Child carriers encompass two different forms of carriers.

You can get a child bike trailer or a child bike seat.

Child bike seats attach to the bike behind your seat.

With the child right behind you, they are a little higher up than you are.

This creates a higher center of gravity and makes the bike more likely to tip-over.

You will notice your bike will take some getting used to again. This is do to the balance of the bike being different than before.

If you do happen to take a fall, you and your child are likely to get hurt.

How Can You Keep Your Child Safer?

The best way for you and your child to be safer is by having a child bike trailer.

Using a child bike trailer does take a little bit to get use to.

With a bicycle trailer you have to get use to the trailer pushing and pulling the bike.

Pulling a bike trailer is a similar sensation to towing a car with a strap or chain.  

You should also be aware you can not take corners as sharp or as fast as you can with out a trailer attached.

Keeping this in mind will keep you and your child accident free.

Who Makes Child Trailers?

There are a variety of trailer makers.

The most recognized are the following:
  • ChariotBicycle Child Carriers
  • Instep
  • Schwinn
  • BOB
  • Burley
  • Croozer
All of these makers have their good qualities.

They all are will built and stable on the road.

The BOB is slightly different than the others because it is a single-wheel 'in-line' trailer.

It is designed to follow in the tracks of your bicycle.

The other makers use two wheels for their base.

Any trailer you get will provide your child with added protection during your ride together.

In case of a crash your child is not likely to receive any injuries, except maybe a bruise or two.

You child is most likely to experience some shock and that is about all.

Who Does Benefit the Most?

For a couple of months of not eating out you and your child can have the benefit of a child carrier.

Your child gets to spend some time with you, while getting outdoors.

You get the exercise and the opportunity to strength yourself faster than you would otherwise.

You will be amazed on how far you have come in such a short time.

You both benefit from a child carrier!

It is a great win-win situation to have bicycle child carriers!

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