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"Cycling FAQ's You Can Get All Your Questions...Answered!"

There lots of cycling faq's! Being new to cycling you probably have many questions about the sport, I did when I first started.

You are not alone in having questions about something new, we all do!

You can get the answers to your most pressing cycling faq.

For those questions you have which you have not found an answer for...ask the question and get the answer!

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Can you ride a mountain bike on the road?

You sure can! For the smoothest ride you will want to get road tires for your mountain bike. This will also keep your mountain tires good for off-road.

Is it appropriate to ride while listening to an ipod?

It is appropriate when you are riding by yourself. You should not while riding with others, it can cause problems.  Your fellow cyclists would appreciate it if you did not accidentally crash into them.

You do need to be fully aware of your surroundings when riding while listening to an ipod. This will keep you safer!

What do I need to know to get a good pair of road bike shoes?

Getting the correct shoes is a critical step to ensure future satisfaction. To get the correct shoes you need to try on lots of them. A good shoe should fit with enough room to wiggle your toes and that is about it.

You want it to fit like a glove not a flip-flop. A shoe which is too loose will cause blisters and a lot of discomfort.

Most road bike shoes are not made to do much walking in. They are rigid and not very comfortable to walk in, I know I have done it! Mountain bike shoes are better suited for walking and will work on a road bike.

Beware of price shock! Road shoes are expensive at first yet they last many years. It is not uncommon to have the same pair for 5 years. Over the life of the shoe they are rather inexpensive.

A $250 pair of shoes which last for 5 years is only $50 a year which is cheaper than many cross-trainers.

Where can I purchase Nike Poggio cycling shoes?

These were great shoes and the lightest on the market at the time. They were first introduced during the rise of Lance Armstrong's cycling career.

The Nike Poggio shoe is no longer produced and has not been for some time. The only way I know of where you might be able to get your hands on some is via ebay, your local classified ads, or a local cycling club.

Want to join some group rides, what you should know before you go?

Group rides are a great way to meet other riders and not have to do all the work yourself! There a couple of tips to remember before you go:

When you are leading the pack always announce road hazards such as loose gravel, parked cars, pot holes, and anything else you think can be hazardous to others.

You can announce these hazards by calling them out or by pointing with your hand. If you are not comfortable with this do not lead the pack.

Instead go on a few group rides and observe how this is done before you do it yourself.

Ride close enough to the person in front of you to get the advantages of aerodynamics yet not too close in case the person in front will not hit you if they swerve suddenly.

This Cycling FAQ Page Is A Work In Progress...

Having been a cyclist for many years, close to two decades, I started off answering the questions I have heard the most.

You have the opportunity to ask questions of your own and get answers to them. Help me, help you and others by asking your question(s). We can all benefit together!

Thanks in advance for contributing to this cycling faq page!!

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do i have to use cleats when using cycle shoes

Nike Lance - yellow 
I would like to buy a Nike Lance bike shoe, the yellow one. US 10 or European 43 size. Where can I buy that? Kind regards, Elio

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