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What is an Entry Level Road Bike? 

To begin with, what is your objective for an entry level road bike? Why cycling? Do you want to be....
  • A Weekend Racer
  • Healthier Person
  • Lifetime Enthusiast
  • Eventual Pro 
The entry level road bike is the common link between all of these goals.

Everyone has to start somewhere and here is a good place!

Do You Know Your Bike Size?

Getting the correct size of road bike will make all the difference.

If your bike is too small you feel "squished". To big and you will feel "over extended".

Just right is the best place to be when it comes to a bike. 

If you have not done your own measuring for a bike before, go here to get details on how to do it.

What You Should Know Before You Shop

To find an entry level road bike which fits into your price range and desired outcome. entry level road bike

You have a wide choice variety when it comes to bikes and their components.

A very versatile bike is an aluminum or aluminum carbon fiber mix frame with Shimano 105 components.

Of course if you can find a good full carbon fiber frame this will be good too.

The reason for this is if/when you want to upgrade you have to change less parts of your bike if you start off with a least a Shimano 105 component set.

For instance, when you upgrade from 105 components you can easily transition to Ultegra components.

If you started off with Sora, for instance, if you upgraded to 105. You would have to change the rear hub, where the gears are, along with the component group.

In some cases you would also have to get a different frame because the back fork section could be too small to fit 10 gears instead of 9.  

Now Where To Start The Search?

There are many great cycling road bike manufactures out there.

Here are some to get you started:
Plus these other great bikes will help you in your quest for the perfect bike! You could look at several bikes before you find the one you really want.

The places you can get a bike from are many. You can go through a bike shop, the Internet, friends/relatives or cycling clubs.

If you have access to a small town bike shop they usually have cheaper prices than the bigger city shops.

Stay Informed

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