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Felt Road Bikes

You have several choices when it comes to Felt road bikes!

Felt bicycles provide a wide price range so most people can afford their bikes.

You get two frame options when your looking at a Felt bike.

The majority of their road bikes come with a carbon fiber frame. The rest come with an aluminum frame.

What Are You Looking For In A Bike?

Since you are still reading this page means you want to learn more!

This is a great news for both of us!

Are you looking for lite weight or low price?

The lighter the bike, the higher the price! Also the lighter the bike the faster you can go.

If weight of the bike is your biggest reason for getting it, then we should get in touch. A custom built bike would probably work out the best for you.

Someone you should get to know concerning a custom built road bike has 10+ years as a bike designer/builder and about 20+ years in the industry! He is really good and you will be happy with his work and your new bike!

There is a happy medium between the two, price and cost.

If you are more price sensitive than keep reading. You will find out more about Felt road bikes.

How Much Time Would You Like to Lose?

You are probably thinking you lose enough time already, who would need help losing more?!Felt road bikes

Time management in life is always a challenge.

On a bike however, the more time you can gain over your competitors or friends the better!

Felt has a bike to help you do it! This is great news!

By riding a Felt AR series bike you can gain a minute of time for every hour you ride!!

It seems pretty impressive a frame can give you a speed and time advantage just by riding it! Makes you wonder what they are going to develop next!!

With the AR series you have your choice of Dura-Ace, SRAM Red Double Tap, Ultegra or Shimano 105 components.

You also get your choice of wheel sets such as Felt AeroR2 and R4, Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate, Shimano Dura-Ace 50mm, and Zipp.

Felt AR series gives you many options and all of them are good ones!

Do You Want a Crisp Handling Bike?

Crisp probably brings to mind apples or chips not necessarily a bike!

Yet you will get clean, smooth and fast handling from the Felt F series road bike!

The F series has a weight range from 13.98 - 19.08 pounds! The price tag that comes with the weight is worth it.Felt road bikes

You have a few more options with the F series than with the AR series.

More people can afford the F series than the AR series.

Your F series Felt road bike is the same frame that the Garmin-Transitions Pro team rides with.

You have your choice of Shimano Dura-Ace, Ultegra, 105, Sora or SRAM Double Tap components.

Personally, the Shimano 105, Ultegra or Dura-Ace are the best options for your new bike! The reason is because the Shimano components have a better shifting experience and have a longer use life.

You can also get a carbon fiber or aluminum frame for your Felt F series.

The F series has an option for you and your cycling ambitions and desires.

Finishing Up the Line-Up is the...


The Z-series set of bicycles ranges in weight from 16.91 - 21.82 pounds.

Like the F-series you can get a carbon fiber or aluminum frame for your Z-series road bike.

Your component choices comes from Shimano. There is a couple of different component choices you can get with the Z-series you can not get with the other models.Felt road bikes

They are Tiagra and 2303 component groups!

The better the component group, the more happy you will be in the long run!

No matter which series fits your needs best, Felt road bikes are high quality bikes for the price!

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